how to use credit card,How Credit Card EMI Works

Having a credit card has its advantages. Credit cards are convenient for purchases and some even offer rewards on the amount you spend. What’s more, a credit card can be a helpful tool for building a positive credit history if you manage your credit history. When first looking for credit cards, it’s important to understand how they work and how to use them to your advantage.

Unlike debit cards that are tied to a bank account, credit cards are essentially a way to borrow money in the short term that you then pay back. Understanding how credit and interest work limits the costs of using credit. How you use your credit card can affect your credit score, for good or for bad.

Credit Card Transaction Types

You can use your credit card for a wide range of transactions

credit card purchases
You can use your credit card to pay for goods and services
At point of sale like case registered or checkout
on the phone
by mail

Keep receipts for all your credit card purchases Check your receipts with your card details to make sure there aren’t any errors Immediately contact the merchant who sold you general services for a refund. If the merchant does not rectify, you may contact your financial institution for assistance.

Merchant Surcharge and Discount

Merchants have the option of adding authorization to your transactions using your credit card. Your purchases could cost you up to 2 points to 4 percent more.
If they do you must notify you of the right before processing your payment. This will allow you to cancel your purchase or make an alternative form of payment eg debit or cash before payment is authorised.

How Credit Card EMI Works
Credit cards not only provide credit to their users but also give them the freedom to repay in installments as per their convenience. In recent times, credit cards have become one of the most useful financial instruments for users, be it heavy payments or emergencies. Credit cards come to the rescue of their users

For example, if you buy a product using your credit card that costs more than your monthly income, you do not need to worry about repaying the amount next month. You can easily divide the repayment amount into monthly installments. Can do and pay as per your budget

How to qualify for a credit card

Getting a credit card has never been as easy as applying for one and getting approved! Credit card issuers have criteria that they consider for each credit card application.

Before you apply for a credit card, it helps to know how to qualify for a credit card. This way you can estimate your chances of getting approved and if you are more likely to be approved, you can Can save yourself from a credit inquiry